Texas Fireworks

As far as states go, Texas is fairly friendly when it comes to fireworks. You know the saying that everything is bigger in Texas; this is probably true when it comes to fireworks too. Residents and visitors to the Lone Star State will find that it’s not just the “lone star” that is lighting up night sky – it’s the Texas fireworks too. From the big urban cities to the quaint rural towns, there are hundreds of firework events in Texas that make their way all over this rambling state. While the big shows are well attended, shooting off fireworks at home can be fun as well. Texas has a moderate policy on fireworks at the state level, but often counties, cities and even neighborhood associations can make it hard to legally shoot them off. If you are a fan of Texas fireworks, read on to discover where you can see the top public displays, buy fireworks, and learn about what you can and can’t do under the law.

Revelers in Texas who are looking for a real blast on the 4th of July should head to “Kaboom Town!” in Addison, a large suburb of Dallas. This show of Texas fireworks draws in about 400,000 people each year and is recognized for excellence by the national media and the American Pyrotechnics Association. Houston also pulls out the big guns for our nation’s birth with “Freedom over Texas,” alleged to be the largest land-based fireworks show in the country. Fireworks are launched into the sky over the banks of Buffalo Bayou and use the sleek skyscrapers of downtown as a backdrop.

Other places to take in some Texas fireworks are after some of the sporting games, especially baseball. Sit out on a warm summer night a check out the jumbo-sized bursts of color in the air as Texas fireworks are set off to honor a top team such as the Astros, the Rangers or even the Round Rock Express.  Texans make everything they do a celebration, from the Fiesta along the River Walk in San Antonio to the rodeo and livestock shows being hosting in many of the major cities. 

If you want to celebrate with your own firework show or just feel like blasting a few crackers in Texas, you’re obligated to follow the all the state laws and the local regulations. However, this can be quite confusing and convoluted because of the many governmental layers. For example, the State says that specifically permitted items include “all fireworks meeting requirements of CPSC and DOT Consumer Fireworks definitions except for small rockets.” This makes it sound like the door is wide open for blasting off Texas fireworks; however, many counties, cities and even neighborhoods can add additional regulations. Often, not knowing who is allowed to buy what and where, the local stores and stands (which are only allowed to sell on June 24 – July 4 and December 20 – January 1) sell their Texas fireworks on the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. If you need further clarification on Texas fireworks, please contact your local government or the State Fire Marshall.

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