Tennessee Fireworks

Tennessee Fireworks

Tennessee is a great place to visit and live; fireworks are just part of the allure that makes this state a super place. Whether you are enjoying the great outdoors, kicking back with some country music or taking in sports game, there are some great opportunities to enjoy Tennessee Fireworks – plus Tennessee Fireworks are always the guest of honor at the major holidays. Fireworks enthusiasts can get a hands-on firework fix by igniting Tennessee fireworks of their own. Read on to discover where you can see great Tennessee fireworks, purchase fireworks, and find out what you are allowed to do regarding fireworks.

This well-rounded state always has a range of places to see fireworks and other explosive displays all around town. At the annual Independence Day Celebration and Fireworks event at Riverfront Park, crowds of July 4th merry-makers enjoy a dazzling display of aerial effects shot off over the Cumberland River. Other impressive Tennessee fireworks are scattered across the state in most every city and little town.  Every summer, the Country Music Festival is host to a week long of bands and amazing Tennessee fireworks in the Tennessee Titans stadium. Plus, you’ll easily find great watching spots for New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Tennessee fireworks fans wanting to make a statement can light off their own display of fireworks – as long as the state laws of Tennessee permit it. Many types of Tennessee fireworks are allowed, policies are not as strict as in some other states. For example, specifically Tennessee fireworks include those “items meeting CPSC requirements.” Those that are specifically prohibited are “illegal ground salutes and mail order purchase of fireworks by consumers.” The selling periods for Tennessee fireworks are somewhat limited, ranging from June 20 through July 5th and December 10 through January 2nd.  The age of purchase for buying Tennessee fireworks is 16 years of age. Buying snakes and sparklers are available year round for those seeking Tennessee fireworks at other times. For further information on what’s permitted in the state of Tennessee, please contact the Fire Marshall.

When lighting your Tennessee fireworks, remember to keep safety priority number one. Manufacturers of fireworks should include instructions for the safe use and lighting of their items; please follow these to the letter.  Also, light you fireworks in an area that has been cleared free of debris. Keep a bucket of water nearby to fully extinguish any used fireworks. Have fun with your Tennessee fireworks.

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