TNT Fireworks

TNT is one of the leading names in consumer fireworks and All Spark Fireworks is proud to carry the line. This well-respected pyrotechnics company is the largest distributer of “1.4 G Class C Common Fireworks” in the United States today. In business as a pyrotechnic wholesaler for more than 50 years, this premier corporation works hand-in-hand with the retailers you like to frequent for every fireworks purchase. TNT Fireworks prides itself on offering the reseller a 100-percent quality product at the best possible price which will ultimately be passed down to the customer – you!

TNT Fireworks offers a full line of pyro products including sky-bound items such as aerials, helicopters, mortars, parachutes and Roman candles. There are also entertaining ground items such as fountains, spinners, and all types of novelties. Plus, the tried-and-true firecrackers, smoke bombs and assortment backs are always available to make a bang. If you can’t decide what TNT fireworks to choose, there is always an assortment pack filled with a little bit of something for everyone! Plus, this organization is also an innovator in new products such as the Glo-Fuze, a fuse that glows in the dark for convenience and safety. There is no doubt that you will have your audience “oohing” and “ahhing” in amazement at your beautiful bursts in the sky.

TNT fireworks are always labeled with clear instructions on the proper usage of the product as well as a full description of what the user can expect to see when setting the product off at night. If by chance you should get a firework that doesn’t perform up to snuff, TNT will make things right with the customer through a “no dud” guarantee. Regardless of where you purchased the product, just send the company a copy of the recipient or other approved proof of purchase such as a bar-coded label and your money will be refunded. Simple as that.

TNT Fireworks are available through company owned supercenters as well as in more than 5,000 stand, tent and online locations. You can purchase your TNT fireworks for any occasion from the Fourth of July to New Year’s Even and everything in between. There is no arguing that TNT makes any special event even more memorable. Check out the products at All Sparks Fireworks, you’re only a single click away.

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