Roman Candles Fireworks

In layman’s terms, Roman candles fireworks are pyrotechnic items created out of long, cylinder-shaped tubes that forcefully project out colored starts along with a shower of sparks into the night sky. Long a favorite with fireworks fans, these Roman candles fireworks bring some repeating joy to your next celebration – whether it’s a Fourth of July jubilee, a New Year’s Eve countdown or a clambake on the beach.

Roman candles fireworks are made following a specific pyrotechnic recipe that uses ingredients such as the chemical bentonite, a lifting charge, pyrotechnic stars (the effects that shoot out), black gunpowder and a delay charge. Mix all these together and stick them in a cardboard tube and you get Roman candles fireworks – well, kind of!  Only experiences pyrotechnicians know how to safely put these tame-looking but actually quite dangerous fireworks together.  

Roman candles fireworks operate using simple laws of science. As the fuse is lit, it burns slowly until it moves down the tube to the first star laying in wait within the tube. When the first star is heated and ignites, it is thrust upward out of the tube with the force of a bullet and pushes more fire downward into the tube to ignite a layer of delay powder. After this layer of delay powder is burned, the fire triggers the next star to shoot out. The process is repeated for as many stars that are hiding within the Roman candles fireworks – usually ten stars.

Because the fire moves downward to reach each of the stars one at a time, there are many opportunities for malfunction. If the tube as bent in any way, the star may become jammed inside the tube when it is time to shoot out. If the star can’t get up and out of the tube the right way, it is forced to explode through the side of the cardboard – a nasty surprise for users holding Roman candles fireworks in their hands. For these safety reasons, label instructions always direct folks to put the Roman candles fireworks in a special tube or stick them into the ground or support up with rocks before firing off.

Roman candles fireworks come in a treasure trove of effects including various colors, noises and special effects such as crackles, comet tails, multiple colors and more. Most roman candles are packed with 10 stars (shots) per firework although there are versions that offer more or less. Some fireworks sellers will sell Roman candles fireworks individually, but most are bound up in packs of various quantities.