Rockets Fireworks

Rockets fireworks are a real blast; they fly up into the sky and cause a multi-sensory experience with vivid colors, flashes of light, loud sounds and other fun features. These air-bound fireworks have long been top picks with firework fans plus they are affordable enough so that the whole family can send off a few.  Launching one single rockets fireworks is pleasing, but everyone agrees that sending off the whole fleet is more fun. 

Rockets fireworks are designed after ancient fireworks created by the Chinese more than a thousand years ago.  First made for religious events, these fireworks were later geared up with gunpowder and used as flaming arrows in war times. Rocket fireworks may seem complicated, but they’re really actually simple to understand. Upon lighting the fuse, flames travel rapidly down into the rocket’s core and ignite the pyrotechnic chemicals waiting inside – typically gun powder made from compounds like potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur. As the core begins to fill up with fire, the gunpowder is revealed, burned away and creates heated gases that expand and escape through the rocket’s nozzle.  A foot long wooden stick is attached to the small explosive, giving it a low center of balance which provides stability while flying through the sky.

Rockets fireworks must never be lit while in the hand; instead, the long end should be set into a specially designed tube before take-off. Sometimes rockets fireworks are geared up with fins, this officially makes them missiles. You can purchase fireworks with fins or glue on your own for added for stability and guidance during flight.

Rockets fireworks come in a range of colors, reports (bangs) and flashes. These rockets fireworks sometimes may also have other special features made with pyrotechnic compounds added to the gunpowder.  You’ll see these special effects as the rockets fireworks have burned through all the gunpowder and are at the height of flight. Stock up with identical sets of rockets or spread your wings with an assortment of these fireworks until you decide which type you like best.

It is important to be educated about the laws in your state and city regarding the use of rockets fireworks. In many jurisdictions they are not allowed. Also, when lighting your rockets fireworks, make sure that you follow all instructions and safety tips printed on the manufacturer’s label. Personal and public safety is priority number one.