Rocket Fireworks

Rocket fireworks are almost sure to lure in a group of curious bystanders; both to take part in setting them off and to view the cool things take of into the atmosphere and explode. These aerial-style fireworks are super choices for a big home-style party as they are reasonably priced enough for the whole gang to have a few to shoot off. When you send off rocket fireworks at your next special gather such as the Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve, make sure to pick up a big pack of these popular projectiles to get the party started and keep it going all night. However, before you ignite the fuse, find out from your local fire department to see what the laws are about using rockets firework in your specific jurisdiction.

If you want to impress friends with your knowledge of fireworks, you can tell them who these pyrotechnic elements work – it is rocket science after all! Once the fuse is lit, fire moves quickly into the rocket’s core where it then ignites the important chemicals laying in wait – usually gunpowder made of potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur. Once the core fills with flames, the gunpowder burns away and provides lift-off to the rocket fireworks thanks to heating gases which expand and escape through the rocket’s nozzle.

Some of the initial rocket fireworks were made in ancient China. Crafted from bamboo sticks and kitchen chemicals common to the day, these “sky rockets” or “flaming arrows” had an impact on combat methods during war. During the American Revolution, an army colonel named Congreve created rockets which could propel up to a four miles distance and his advances went down for all of the nation to remember – hence, the words “the rocket’s red glare” in our national anthem.  We’ve even heard a story about an Empress from some ancient Chinese Dynasty that was attacked with rocket fireworks that had an unwelcomed passenger – a strapped on rat!  If you’d rather not add a rat to your rocket fireworks, we certainly understand. However, some experimenter-types do like to add fins to the rocket to provide stability and flight in the air. However, when you add fins to rocket fireworks it by definition becomes a missile.

Rockets fireworks are available in a crayon-box range of beautiful colors, noises, flashes and other special pyrotechnic effects. Typically, the audience will see the added effects once the rocket has burned all its gunpowder fuel and is near the top of the ascent. Rocket fireworks in flight are a real delight and you can find these pyrotechnic items to buy in many places from highway stands to online fireworks sites. Have a blast!