Rhode Island Fireworks

Rhode Island is a place of great history and fireworks are just part of the allure that makes this state a super place. There are some great opportunities to enjoy Rhode Island Fireworks – plus Rhode Island fireworks are always the guest of honor at all the major holidays celebrated in this patriotic place. Fireworks fans can get a hands-on firework fix by lighting up Rhode Island fireworks of their own. Get ideas on where you can see great Rhode Island fireworks, purchase fireworks, and find out what you are allowed to do regarding fireworks in this New England state.

While this state may be the smallest in the union doesn’t mean that there aren’t lots of places to see fireworks and other explosive displays all about. As one of the first thirteen colonies in the United States, Rhode Island is always filled with national pride and has lots of patriotic fireworks displays during the Fourth of July. From Newport to Providence, you’ll also find Rhode Island fireworks for other special events such as New Year’s Eve and even post-Pawtucket Red Sox fireworks in the summer. 

Rhode Island fireworks fans wanting to make an illuminating statement can create their own sparkling shows with pyrotechnic items – as long as the state laws of Rhode Island permit it. Some types of Rhode Island fireworks are allowed, but not all. Officially, there are no specifically allowed Rhode Island fireworks although there is talk that a recent bill may approve the use of party poppers and smoke bombs. The use of all other “display fireworks” or “aerial consumer fireworks,” such as bottle rockets or roman candles requires a permit. For further information on what Rhode Island fireworks are allowed, please contact the state Fire Marshall.

An alternative to visiting a roadside stand is to purchase your fireworks online from a trusted online source such as All Sparks Fireworks. You’ll find a large selection of firework items and accessories that will create a blast at birthdays, anniversaries, wedding and other special events. Benefits include a wide selection of products, competitive prices and convenient mailing right to your home. When lighting our Rhode Island fireworks, please use great caution and follow all instructions and safety tips provided by the manufacturer, Have a great time with your Rhode Island fireworks – kaboom!

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