Pyrotechnic Fuse

Pyrotechnic fuse is a must-have for the firework enthusiast’s hobby and even beginners to the past-time can use different fusing to help add to the quality and intricacy of their display planning. While experienced guys can make fusing at home, it is quick, safe and relatively inexpensive to purchase the fuse of your choice online or in the firework shop. Pyrotechnic fuse comes in an array of lengths, burn times and with different features that will have an impact on your fireworks display.

Black Match is a type of pyrotechnic fuse that is a top choice with professional pyrotechnicians. Black Match is created by soaking cotton string in a mixture of dextrin and black powder. Said to have a “moderate” burn time, approximately 1-second per inch, it is a fine choice when you want to create a small delay between fireworks. Black Match is reasonably priced enough to buy a large supply, but can accidentally be ignited if not being mindful of safety issues.

Similar to Black Match but faster, Quick Match is a pyrotechnic fuse that is made in almost the same way as Black Match. The only differences is that the last step wraps it in Kraft paper to create a more flammable tube that forces gases forward faster for a quicker burn time. A good pick for simultaneous lighting of multiple fireworks, Quick Match burns at approximately 80 to 100 feet per second – that’s probably as fast as a blink of the eye!

Visco, sometimes also called cannon fuse, is an easy-to-find fusing that provides lots of other benefits including availability in a variety of colors, length of burn time and waterproof features. Visco fuse is made with a cotton thread center that is covered in black powder, wrapped with twine and then coated with an impervious, waterproof coating of lacquer. In order to ignite easily, you need to make sure a bit of the black powered core is exposed. If you are looking for the fastest-burning pyrotechnic fuse in this category, the Yellow Visco will burn at a rate of 1/2 –inch per second, but is not waterproof due to the paper casing.

Even if you are not a seasoned pyrotechnician, you can do fun projects with a length of quality fuse. For example, you can incorporate a multi-sequenced display of Roman candles into your firework display. Instead of firing off Roman candles individually, they can be lit at the same time on one pyrotechnic fuse. All you need is a bundle of Roman candles, a special stand to hold the fireworks all in a row (can be homemade) and a pyrotechnic fuse to connect everything together. After the fuse is lit, it will send off the Roman candles in order one at a time at a speed which is determined by the type of fusing used.