What does it mean to be a Pyro?  Etymologically speaking the work pyro is based in the Greek language and means “fire” or “heat.” Usually, the word pyro is used as a prefix on a longer word. For example, a pyromaniac is a person who has a compulsion to set fires while a pyrotechnician is literally an “artist” of fire.  Sometimes the source that causes a fever is called a pyrogen – and in the fireworks world, a pyrogen is the agent that is used to produce the flames.

A pyrotechnic show is just the industry-jargon way to say a good, old-fashioned fireworks display. These choreographed bursts of sparkles seen on the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve and other special occasions are planned and executed by professionals who are highly skilled in harnessing the power of fire and explosives for entertainment. If you are a pyro pro, your career could take you in many directions. You could own and operate a fireworks stand or you could be the lead pyrotechnician for the city’s annual fireworks shows. Even big corporations like Disney World, professional sporting teams and concert organizers use pyro professionals to help add a “bang” to the night’s entertainment.

The love for all things “pyro” is also seen in video games, television and movies – and it’s even the name of a navy ship, the USS Pyro. There is Pyro from the Transformers movies and Pyro, a god from the video game Sacrifice.  Of course, pryro-centric fictional characters are going to be more than a bit dangerous with the theme of fire as a major personality characteristic. For example, one of the most popular Pyro characters is Pyro from the X-Men. This mutant is able to manipulate fire by mentally controlling it into any shape or intensity he desires. It is quite interesting to note that often the Pyro characters are the villains, not the superheroes – although most pyrotechnicians we know in real life are good guys!

Because of the close association to fire, the word Pyro is also used to name several brands of fireworks or fireworks stores. When you buy fireworks that have Pyro in the name, you can be pretty much certain that you’ll have a display of sparks and flames. To purchase your pyro items online, check out All Sparks Fireworks for a really great selection that will impress even the most expert of fireworks enthusiasts.  From sparklers and smoke bombs to huge aerial artillery shells, you’ll find just the fireworks to make your show a huge blast.