Professional Fireworks

What an exciting and unusual job it is to be a professional pyrotechnician. From actually making fireworks, choreographic and fusing together different elements, and then touching down the match (or pushing the button as the case may be), the firework professional is involved in every aspect of a big pyrotechnic show. If you are looking into a career in professional fireworks, you may work for a pyrotechnic event company, a major corporation that puts on their own extravaganzas (such as Disney World) or even get business on your own. What a great feeling to know that when the crowd is oohing and ahhing in appreciation of the huge bursts of fireworks in the sky, that you and the other professional fireworks guys are responsible.

Pyrotechnics in itself is considered an art form; literally from Greek “the art of fire” and for thousands of years masters of the art have been creating masterpiece for the rest of us to enjoy. Whether you want to think of yourself as a Specialist in Sparkles, an Expert on Explosions or the Boss on Big Blasts, working in professional fireworks is an adrenaline-filled and creative way to make a living. All around the world, people love to celebrate by attending professional fireworks shows; in the US, the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve are probably the two biggest nights for shows. Watching a professional fireworks show is as American as apple-pie in our culture. Millions and millions of spectators pull out their picnic blankets and head down to the grassy lawns or scenic overlooks where these pro pyrotechnic shows are featured.

In addition to creating entertainment on holidays, fireworks experts like to compete among each other in the field of pyrotechnics. On of the most well-known professional fireworks competitions in the world is the Montreal Fireworks Festival. This ultimate gathering of geniuses in the industry results in a team-based competition where 30-minute displays are planned, assembled and executed on-site for judges and the delight of the audience. This annual festival began in 1985 and has grown into a prestigious event that hosts pyrotechnicians and their teams who are the crème de la crème. There are many other professional fireworks competitions in addition to this event, such as a well-attended showdown in Japan each year.

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