Phoenix Firework

Arizona is a beautiful place to live and visit, the desert landscape and the mountain vistas make the perfect backdrop for the famous sunsets – not to mention the sparkles from nearby firework shows in Phoenix and other towns. There are many opportunities to see Phoenix firework shows, from the Fourth of July to New Year’s Eve and beyond. However, it is illegal to sell, use, explode or even possess most fireworks unless you hold a professional permit. If you are interested in the details of Phoenix firework laws and events, read on to find out more.

In 2009, a bill was introduced to make sparklers and firecrackers legal in Arizona but the Governor gave his veto due to fire concerns – Arizona is a dry, arid state after all.  However, as of December 2010, a new bill was signed that allows those 16 years or older to buy and use consumer ground and hand-held fireworks – but no aerial fireworks that are designed to explode in the air of fly in the air. Allowable type of Phoenix fireworks include sparklers, smoke bombs, ground spinners, party poppers, caps, glow worms and other small fireworks. These allowable Phoenix fireworks must feature paper caps that contain no more that twenty-five hundredths of explosive compounds.

Aerial fireworks still may not be used without a permit from the state Fire Marshal. These prohibited items that require a permit include bottle rockets, missiles, helicopters, roman candles, jumping jacks and other sky-bound items. In Arizona, fireworks are described as “combustible or explosive composition, substance or combination of substances, or any article prepared for the purpose of producing a visible or audible effect by combustion, explosion, deflagration or detonation . . . “

Just because Phoenix fireworks like these are allowed, they may not necessarily be approved in any city or town. Arizona law regarding fireworks can be overridden by a specific city or town. This means to keep from getting in trouble and fined, you need to check with local authorities about Phoenix fireworks and pyrotechnic items in other jurisdictions. One loophole to the lack of Phoenix fireworks is that consumers may buy and use them on an Indian reservation. Native Americans across the state are self-governed and therefore not subject to federal, state and city regulations regarding fireworks. Another way to get fireworks is through an online site such as All Sparks Fireworks. Here you can find a great selection and reasonable prices; plus, the whole order can be shipped right to your home.