Party Poppers

Party poppers, they’re making all the best birthday parties a blast!  These little firework novelties are a fun addition to any event from birthday parties and landmark anniversaries to the Fourth of July. Party poppers are so intertwined with fabulous events that some people call them Champagne poppers – that’s because if you use your imagination, the outer vessel does look a bit like a Champagne bottle!  Whether you are having a kitchen-table birthday celebration for four guests or a grand hall wedding reception for four hundred, party poppers will make an unexpected and utterly appreciated touch.

A party popper makes a loud popping sound that is cause by a small explosive charge. This charge is created by either compressed air or when the user pulls a small string on the device to cause a reaction of pyrotechnic chemicals. If an explosive charge is used for party poppers, the total amount compounds used is quite small, less than 16 milligrams. Once activated, a large pop is created and confetti or small streamers spew out in a festive manner. Because of the low level of pyrotechnic powders used, party poppers are often considered novelty fireworks or not even “fireworks” at all in the legal sense. This makes them more accessible in areas where there are restrictions on consumer fireworks. Usually you can find party poppers year round at your local party store or mass merchandiser.

While most party poppers have a generic look, a small colored plastic canister that tapers down to a neck where the string is pulled, some are quite unusual. There are party poppers where the vessel is designed to look like a Champagne bottle or bottle of wine. Also, gun and revolver shaped party poppers look like toy versions of the real thing, but shoot out streamers and confetti when the trigger is pulled. 

Party poppers add lots of hands-on fun for your friends and family. Give everyone a party popper to pull at the same time as the guest of honor walks in at a surprise party --- so much more fun than jumping up from behind the couch. Weddings are another special event where party poppers make a grand statement. A fantastic alternative to the traditional tossed rice send-off, the bride and groom can be showered with party popper streamers as they make their honeymoon getaway. Kids also love to have a try with these entry-level fireworks; there is really nothing they can do to mess it up. However, an adult should always be on hand to provide instruction and supervision when children are using party poppers.

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