Party Fireworks

Throwing a memorable party doesn’t have to take big budget or endless hours of planning the entertainment. Whether it is a landmark birthday, a wedding reception or a New Year’s Eve countdown, your next shindig will be something really special when you add party fireworks to the mix. For centuries people have been using pyrotechnics as a way to celebrate special events; at one point they were reserved strictly for aristocracy due to limited availability and expense. However, today the masses enjoy the delights that fireworks bring with even more varieties to titillate the senses.

Sparklers are geat little party fireworks. As the only firework actually meant to be held in the hand, sparklers will really bring your guests into the action. Available in several lengths ranging to the common 10-inch to the torch-like 24-inch, the length of a sparkler dictates how long it takes to burn down. Sometimes people like to use these party fireworks in other ways such as in place of candles on a cake or to create a sparkly aisle to walk down. If children are at your event, make sure that adult supervision is being provided during sparkler time.

Champagne poppers and party poppers are also fun additions to your event. These small party fireworks are filled with confetti or small streamers and when the string is pulled, the tube bursts open releasing the colorful and surprising display. If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional throwing of rice at wedding, consider using these fun party fireworks as the bride and groom leave the reception for the honeymoon. Buy a few extra so your young guests can take them home as party favors from the big day.

Lanterns also make interesting party fireworks that most guests won’t be expecting. These pyrotechnic items are shot up into the air and then open up to reveal a paper lantern shape that is glowing with one of several different colors. These party fireworks make a unique backdrop for many venues and the color illuminating through the paper will add an ethereal effect to the night sky. Most small fireworks and novelties are approved for use in most locations; however, it is a good idea to check with your local government to see what is and isn’t approved.

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