Ohio Fireworks

Pyrotechnic enthusiasts report that the heart of America a fine place to enjoy a star-spangled salute of fireworks in the sky.  States like Ohio are home to many spectacular displays hosted on major holidays and special events and have laws that accommodate the consumer purchase and use of fireworks on a limited basis. If you are into Ohio fireworks, read on to find out where to watch, where to buy and what you can and can’t do.

The Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve are the biggies for Ohio fireworks. Residents and visitors can find fabulous fireworks displays all over state from the big cities to the small towns. Billed as the biggest and best Independence Day celebration in the Midwest, the “Red, White & Boom!” show with food, fireworks and music is always a popular event in Columbus. On New Year’s Eve, “First Night” is a popular family event in cities across the state such as Columbus, Akron and Cleveland – expect to see a bunch of Ohio fireworks!  Ohio fireworks are also part of the festivities at sporting events such as summertime baseball at the fields for the Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians and even Toledo Mud Hens.

If you want to set off your own pyrotechnic show in the backyard, it is a good idea to know your state and local laws before you even get started. Every jurisdiction has a different interpretation of “consumer fireworks” and may specifically allow or prohibit certain types of firework items. Ohio fireworks for consumers that are allowed by law are trick noisemakers and novelties.  If you are looking to buy other items such as fountains, Roman candles and firecrackers, it is allowed with certain restrictions. These types of Ohio fireworks may be bought if they consumer signs a form that states that the items will be taken out-of-state within 48 hours (for residents) or 72 hours (for out-of-town visitors). For further clarification, please check with your local jurisdiction.

Another option for purchasing Ohio fireworks is to go through a trusted online site such as All Spark Fireworks. Here, you can find a wide array of firework items and accessories that will put a bigger pop of excitement into any celebration from weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more. In addition to competitive prices on Ohio fireworks, you can enjoy the convenience of having your items shipped straight to your doorstep without any of the technicalities of buying in-person. Great Ohio fireworks are just one click away!