Montana Fireworks

It’s worth a trip out west to see how spectacular fireworks are in the state of Montana. Once you witness colorful pyrotechnics burst upward over the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, you’ll understand why this state so has been appointed a handful of spot-on nicknames including ‘Big Sky Country,’ “Land of the Shining Mountains,’ The Treasure State,’ and ‘The Last Best Place.’ For patriotic holidays like the 4th of July to sporting events and special celebrations, there are always some top notch Montana firework shows for folks of all ages to enjoy.

Montana Fireworks
In Bozeman, the town puts on a 4th of July Firework Show billed as the largest in the state. The celebration takes place on the Gallatin County Fairgrounds and kicks off with music, entertainment, car shows and great food for ending in a star-spangled salute of fireworks. The city of Great Falls also celebrations our nation’s Independence Day that is well worth a look see. After a patriotic-themed parade and all the expected festival festivities, a firework show tops off the evenings festivities with a bang. The best viewing spots for the fireworks are at Elk’s-Riverside Park. In the historical railroad town of Whitefish in the Flathead Valley, a Fourth of July even begins at City Beach with a carnival, live music and fireworks that explode over Whitefish Lake at dusk.

For a totally unexpected twist to Montana fireworks watching, the 4th of July show at Southgate Mall in Missoula never fails to disappoint spectators. Guests watch in awe, with special 3-D fireworks glasses, and get to experience pyrotechnics burst into colors, designs and flashes in a whole new way! If you want to catch a firework show in the Capital City, Helena has a 4th of July celebration to honor America as do other communities in Montana including Polson, Butte and more.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in spectacular, snowy style at Big Sky Resort among the majestic mountains of Montana. As you gaze up at the tall peaks outlining the sky, you’ll be treated to a brilliant display of fireworks mingling together color and light. It’s the perfect way to wind down and relax after a long day of winter adventures at the snow sport resort. While this firework show can be seen from all over the Big Sky area, the best seats are at the base of the resort. Later in the winter, typically the beginning of March, Red Lodge Mountain Resort has a Winter Carnival with lots of frosty fun including a torchlight parade and exciting firework show illuminating this special spot in the Rocky Mountains.

Fireworks and sports events are always something worth cheering for. While there are no major league franchises in the state, minor league baseball has a long heritage in the state. Montana is home to four minor league teams including the Billings Mustangs, the Great Falls Voyagers, the Helena Brewers, and the Missoula Osprey. During the summer season, many of these baseball teams will host Friday Night Firework shows, special fireworks for the 4th of July or big wins! Check each specific team’s schedule for the exact line-up of fireworks.

Both residents and visitors in Montana should check the calendar before heading out firework show in the ‘Last Best Place.’ A resource such as Visit Montana can keep you up to date on the latest happenings so that you can plan your trip around the best firework shows. For specific cities in Montana, there are local blogs that list daily entertainment in the state, from the bigger cities to the more rural towns. Montana, with its wide open landscape, is an especially beautiful place to watch fireworks light up the night sky. The fireworks here are so special; it’s well worth the major expedition just to get out and see them.

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