Michigan Fireworks

As a spectator sport, Michigan fireworks are still going strong. According to the website MichiganFireworks.com, there are currently 544 displays for fireworks in Michigan for 2010 – and that number is always getting bigger. These dazzling displays of sparks, sounds and smoke are getting underway in every part of the state, from the big urban cities to the smaller towns. Yes, there are Michigan fireworks for the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve, but enthusiasts will also find opportunities to take in shows in honor of Memorial Day, fall harvests, snow festivals, sporting events and more. If you are a fan of Michigan fireworks, read on to discover where you can see great fireworks, buy fireworks, and learn about what you can and can’t do regarding fireworks.

If you are resident or visitor of Michigan, you can expect a real blast on the Fourth of July with many Michigan fireworks shows set off over a backdrop of water. Sports events are also a popular time to celebrate win or lose, with pyrotechnic elements. Enjoy the mild temperatures at the Detroit Tigers’ game and then “ooh and ahh” at the burst of team colors in the air. A huge fireworks display is planned for an outdoor hockey game between the colleges Michigan and Michigan State where a world record for hockey game attendance is expected – is the big draw the competition, or the fireworks?!

If you want to set off your own pyrotechnic display or even just pop a few fireworks in Michigan, you are obligated to follow the state and local laws. Michigan fireworks are pretty controlled, and there are only a few types that you’ll be able to obtain from a stand and most are considered miniature or toy versions. The types of fireworks in Michigan that are “specifically allowed” include sparklers containing not more than .0125 of pyrotechnic composition, flitter sparkers, cone and cylinder fountains, snakes and smoke devices. Every other type of firework is prohibited and this means no firecrackers, bottle rockets, Roman candles, wheels, cherry bombs and virtually every aerial items. For further clarification about Michigan fireworks, please contact the local government or State Fire Marshall.

Crossing state lines to get a firework fix doesn’t work that well in Michigan because neighbors, Ohio and Illinois, are even more restrictive in their firework laws. Another option for Michigan fireworks is to purchase from an online store such as All Spark Fireworks.  Through the internet, you can find a treasure trove of firework items and accessories that will bring a blast of excitement to your special event. Plus, these items can be delivered straight to your home with no hassles – how’s that for convenience? Satisfy your urge for fireworks in Michigan to day, you’re just one click away.

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