July Fireworks

Even before the end of the Revolutionary war, our infant nation began embracing the increasingly real concept of becoming “a land of the free and the home of the brave” with patriotic firework displays. Fireworks during the American Revolution were a novel, but not entirely new invention. Created in ancient China more than 700 years earlier, fireworks eventually made their way to the New World with some of the transcontinental explorers.  Fireworks were lighted for a number of reasons; to create mischief, to entertain the masses; and celebrate special holidays and events. These pyrotechnic items that were once just reserved for the aristocracy had made their way over the pond to become a popular form of expression for the colonists. In honor of the nation’s first Independence Day celebration in 1777, a July firework display was set off in honor of the United States – and the rest is history!

For the sake of carousing, politicking and general merry-making, interest in the art of pyrotechnics grew in popularity during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  July fireworks became the national way to celebrate the rights and privileges set forth by our founding forefathers. Around the nation today, the largest July firework show is the “Macy’s 4th of July” celebration held New York City. This extravaganza draws in more than 2 million live spectators and 12 million more television viewers who “ooh and ahh” at the 40,000 fireworks launched over the historic Hudson River. Can you even imagine the awe and wonder our country’s first leaders would think of this over-the-top to-do! Other impressive July firework shows include “Pops Concert at the Esplanade” in Boston, “Welcome America!” in Philadelphia, “Independence Day Celebration” in Washington, DC, “Freedom Over Texas” in Houston and more.

If you’d rather not fight to crowds to see a July fireworks event, there is nothing to stop you from planning and executing your own pyrotechnics show in the backyard – all state and local ordinances permitting! Your friends and family will go ballistic (in a good way) with a rainbow assortment of colorful July firework effects that honor our fine land with a star-spangled and sparkly salute. From amazing aerial fireworks that explode out in red, white or blue bursts to Old Faithful-like gerbs that jet up shimmering sparkles, you’ll be pledging your allegiance to the national wonder of July fireworks found at All Spark Fireworks. If children are expected your event, make sure to have sparklers, snap-pops, confetti blasters and other fun July firework novelties available so all ages can have a hands-on part in the summer fun.

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