July 4th Fireworks

During the infancy of our nation, America began celebrating the ideal of becoming “a land of the free and the home of the brave” with festive fireworks display. Even before the American Revolution came to a close, colonists were making a statement of independence with simple fireworks shot off through the town. The origin of these pyrotechnic items first started with the Chinese in the 12th century. Used for religious, social and cultural events, the use of fireworks spread through Europe and finally made way to the New World via early explorers. In 1777, the USA celebrated the first Independence Day with a July 4th fireworks display, the precedent event for hundreds of years more.  

Interest in the art of pyrotechnics increased in popularity throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.  A July 4th fireworks show became a common way to honor American independence and democracy in cities and towns around the country. Today, the biggest 4th of July fireworks show is the “Macy’s 4th of July” celebration in New York City where more than 2 million live spectators and 12 million television viewers gawk in amazement at 40,000 fireworks launched over the historic Hudson River. Our founding fathers’ would have flipped over this type of over-the-top merrymaking! Other top 10 July 4th firework shows include “Pops Concert at the Esplanade” in Boston, “Welcome America!” in Philadelphia, “Independence Day Celebration” in Washington, DC, “Freedom Over Texas” in Houston and more.

Who wants to battle the masses to watch a crowded July 4th fireworks show when you can creating your own pyrotechnics display in the backyard – local laws permitting! Choreograph “oohs” and “ahhs” from an appreciative audience with a rainbow array of colorful July 4th fireworks that pay tribute to our fine land with a star-spangled salute. From large aerial fireworks that break out in red, white or blue bursts to geyser-like ground fountains that spew up shimmering sparkles, you’ll be pledging your allegiance to the fantastic July 4th fireworks stocked at All Spark Fireworks. If children are joining your July 4th  fireworks gathering, keep sparklers, snappers, confetti blasters and other exciting firework novelties on hand so everyone can take part in some good, old-fashioned fun. 

Put the grand into your grand finale by shooting off your July 4th fireworks one after another – boom, boom, boom! Or, make a display board for sparklers that writes out your patriotic sentiments. Music also makes an entertaining add-on for your July 4 fireworks. Strike up the band (or your iPod) to play the 1812 Overture, Stars and Stripes Forever, America the Beautiful or any other crowd-pleasing song. With the power of pyrotechnics sparking up the sky over the purple mountains majesty or amber waves of grain, your July 4 fireworks show will be an illuminating event.

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