July 4 Fireworks NYC

New York, New York it’s a heck of a place! Whether you’re in the Bronx or down in Battery Park, it’s great to watch a fireworks show, especially during the Fourth of July. People are spreading the news that this super-sized city is home to fantastic blasts of color, sound and sparks coming from super awesome pyrotechnic shows – these fireworks extravaganzas rival the shining lights found on Times Square or Broadway! But a word of caution, all this “pyro-mania” is only allowed for the licensed professionals as July 4 fireworks NYC are not allowed by law for use by the general consumer – not even a sparkler can officially sparkle! If you are connoisseur of July 4 fireworks NYC, read on to find out where you can see great fireworks, buy fireworks, and learn about what you can and can’t do regarding fireworks in New York City during July and the rest of the months on the fireworks calendar.

Looking for July 4 fireworks NYC head down with the other millions of Independence Day revelers to view the spectacular “Macy’s 4th of July” fireworks show launched off over the banks of the historic Hudson River. This over-the-top display showcases more than 40,000 vibrant bursts of fireworks choreographed to a patriotic assortment of anthems. Like the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade later in the year, this is one of the most popular public events in New York City. However, there are lots of other smaller July 4 fireworks NYC that are also staged in the various boroughs of New York City.

If you want to set off your own pyrotechnic display or even just wave a sparkler around in New York, you’re limited by the local and state laws. New York fireworks are pretty controlled, and you’ll not be able to legally pick up fireworks in a store front or on the street – many enthusiasts get their fireworks fix by driving to Pennsylvania to purchase their fireworks. The official word is that there are no “specifically allowed” consumer fireworks in New York. Those fireworks which are specifically prohibited include firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, Roman candles, bombs and sparklers. For further clarification about NY fireworks and more information on July 4 fireworks NYC, please check with the Fire Marshall where you live.

Another option in buying fireworks is through a trusted online seller such as All Sparks Fireworks. In addition to competitive prices and a huge selection of pyrotechnic items, customers buying online fireworks will also enjoy the convenience of having them mailed straight to their home. Have fun with your July 4 fireworks NYC this year!