Indoor Fireworks

Fireworks are small explosive devices meant to create an array of special effects from sparkles, sounds, smoke, confetti and more. Outdoors, fireworks shows are set off in honor of special holidays such as the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve, as well as to add a spark of excitement to festivals, weddings and other special events. From fountains and wheels to firecrackers and skyrockets, there are many types of fireworks on the consumer market. Often people want to bring the fun inside and wonder if there is an indoor firework on the market. Read on to find out about the safety and availability of using an indoor firework at your next event.

For the most part, no fireworks manufacturer would recommend using basically any type of firework inside an enclosed area, including indoors. This makes common sense, especially for the aerial items which travel 100-feet or more up into the air. But, often people with think that other types of pyrotechnic elements which are not launched will work okay as an indoor firework. Even small fountains, wheels and spinners can be very unpredictable, and a well-intended and watched-over display inside could result in a disastrous accident cause by fire. Even innocuous-seeming sparklers could catch carpeting, drapes or furniture on fire or at a minimum leave unsightly pock marks on your floors.

As a blanket statement, the only safe indoor firework is no firework. However, some of the novelty fireworks, especially confetti poppers, can be used safely inside under close supervision. Confetti poppers, also known as Champagne poppers, are small containers filled with colorful paper pieces that are released via a very small chemical reaction once the string is pulled. As an indoor firework, these confetti poppers are a really fun way to add excitement to a birthday, wedding or other special event. Also, some of the very, very minor novelties can be used inside – if they are meant to travel around on the ground, it is best to build a “safe box” to keep your surroundings intact.

In the professional world of pyrotechnics, the use of an indoor firework is much more common. But, keep in mind, these expert fireworks specialists are highly trained in the staging, safety and timing of an indoor firework show – and they also have insurance to cover any accidents. These indoor firework displays add an element of surprise with sparkles, smoke and flashes of light to any inside event such as a rock concert, theater productions, trade shows. So, the best bet for the use of an indoor firework is to leave it to the pyrotechnic pros unless you are planning to use firework novelties.