Indiana Fireworks

Indiana fireworks are a popular past-time among residents and visitors of this heartland state, thankfully the laws are fairly liberal when it comes to pyrotechnics. From relaxing on a blanket under the night sky and viewing a professional pyrotechnic show to creating your own backyard event, firework fans are sure to light up at the chance to see and play with Indiana fireworks. Suggestions on where to buy fireworks, spots to watch fireworks and tips to find out what you can and can’t do regarding fireworks are all outlined below.

Indiana fireworks are going on all over the state; you’ll usually find Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve shows in both the big cities and little towns. On Independence Day, a popular place to see Indiana fireworks is on the law at White River State Park in Indianapolis where hundreds of beautiful bursts will decorate the sky. During the summer months, you might also catch some fireworks shot off for the fans of the state’s minor league baseball league such as the Fort Wayne TinCaps or Indianapolis Indians.

While professionally choreographed Indianapolis fireworks are quite spectacular, you can also have a blast with your own celebration of sparkles. The one requirement is that you follow the laws of Indiana as well as any local regulations. Specifically allowable items include “dipped sticks or wire sparklers, cylindrical and cone fountains, illuminating torches, wheels, ground spinners, flitter sparklers, snakes, smoke devices and trick noisemakers.”  In general, Indiana fireworks may be used on the user’s property or the property of consenting adult.  Also, you must be 18 years old to purchase fireworks in Indiana, but children are allowed to use them if an adult is supervising. In most towns in Indiana allow fireworks to be burnt until midnight on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and New Year’s Eve – however, each jurisdiction has the right to set their own rules. For further information on allowable Indiana fireworks, please contact the State Fire Marshall.

If you’d rather not drive around looking for a firework stand, it is convenient to purchase them from an online web site such as All Spark Fireworks.  Through an Internet store, you can find a huge stock of firework items and accessories that will make your Indiana fireworks experience memorable. Customers also appreciate the competitive pricing and fact that fireworks can be mailed straight to the purchaser’s home.  Hurry, Indiana fireworks are waiting to spark something special!

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