How To Make A Firework

Instructions on how to make a firework runs the gamut from simple homemade firecrackers to elaborate aerial shell that are used by professional pyrotechnicians. We’ve always found it easiest to purchase fireworks pre-made at a stand or online store, you can quickly and easily find all the types you love from mortars and Roman candles to fountains, sparklers and firecrackers. But, some enthusiasts are looking to take their love of “playing with fire” one step further and what to learn how to make fireworks. There are instructions all over the internet on how to make a firework as well as books on the topic that are written by folks with years of experience.

While the “big blasts” are probably best left to the experts, here is one simple recipe that shows how to make a firework at home. Remember that safety is the first priority, always wear protective gear, build and store your fireworks away from flammable materials, and keep a water source or fire extinguisher nearby. Also, familiarize yourself with the laws about buying, making, storing and setting off fireworks in your community. Any accidents are your responsibility. The ordinances can vary widely from state to state, city to city and even within different neighborhoods.

To create your simple firework, gather up the following items – a 1.5 inch paper tube (1/16-inch thickness), 2 paper end plugs, 1.5 inches of waterproof fuse, 1.5 teaspoons of flash powder, glue, scissors, one nail and funnel.  If you do not have access to these supplies in your town, many can be purchased through an online store specializing in fireworks.

The first step in how to make a firework is to cover up one end of the paper tube by gluing around the edge and inserting one of the paper plugs.  After this has completely dried, make a small hole in the side with the pointy end of a nail. Next, insert 1.5 inches of fuse into the tube and glue in place; allow to dry. Next, mix the flash powder according to manufacturer’s directions. Using a funnel, fill the tube two-thirds full with flash power and then plug the other end up using glue.  Allow to dry thoroughly before lighting.

While fireworks have been around for nearly a thousand years, it wasn’t until the 1800s that methods for adding color and special effects were discovered. Today, there are many recipes on how to make a firework with very elaborate special effects – colors, sounds, sparkles, glitter and more.  If you are wondering how to make fireworks with color, various chemicals; mainly metal chlorides, added to the flash powder is the answer.  For example, strontium creates red, barium makes green, copper turns blue and sodium for yellow.

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