How Fireworks Work

Fireworks all essentially work by chemical reactions that are released when the firework is ignited by an external ignition source(flame).


Firecrackers were developed in China over 2,000 years ago. Firecrackers are the simplest form of fireworks. A firecracker is basically a small amount of flash powder wrapped in a tube and sealed at both ends. A fuse is inserted in the tube until it touches the falsh powder. When the fuser is ignited it burns through the sealed end and ignites the flash powder. The powder quickly expands in the sealed tube and creates an extreme pressure in the tube. The pressure causes the tube to burst and the pressure burst creates the audible effect heard from a firecracker.


Artillery Shells or Mortar Shells

Artillery Shells are loved for their sound, color, effects, and power. These shells are very consumer interactive and have a novel component in that the consumer ignites each shell and the shell then launches itself into the sky. These shells have several features that make them work. The shell has 3 main components.

Lift Charge- The first part of the shell is the lift charge. This charge is located on the underside of the shell and it is only responsible for lifting the shell out of the launch tube. It creates a downward  explosion that pushes against the bottom of the tube. The pressure from this explosion pushes the shell into the air very quickly.

Burst Charge- This is a timed explosion that ignites the effect in the shell when the shell reaches its maximum altitude from the lift charge. This charge explodes the effect in the shell outward and ignites the effect.

Effect- This is the part people love. This effect is the pattern and color you see in the sky. These patterns can be in any number of shapes and colors.


Novelty Fireworks

Novelty fireworks are extremely popular forms of fireworks because they are fun and whimsical. They come in hundreds of shapes and sizes. They often resemble animals, vehicles, or buildings. They often also have wheels so they are able to move across the ground. They work by commonly having a small charge that propells them across the ground. The internal fuse then ignites other effects that shoots sparks. They have one fuse that is connected to all the combustible sections of the novelty.


Parachute items work by sending a projectile in the air and then releasing a parachute that is attached to the projectile.



Multishot Cakes or Ariels


Party Poppers


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