Fountain Fireworks

Imagine a beautiful water fountain in front of a grand hotel, shooting up choreographed jets of water. Now, imagine the same visual effect, but made with colorful streams of sparks – these are fountain fireworks. You can turn your event into something truly majestic with this type of pyrotechnic item that is created to rest on the ground or stage and spew out showers of sparks for onlookers’ enjoyment. Individual firework fountains range in length 5 seconds to 60 seconds or more. One of the largest fountains on the consumer firework market features a behemoth 500 grams of pyrotechnic compounds and lasts a full minute and a half.  For a longer display of fountain fireworks, many can be fused together to light up in sequence.

Often fountain fireworks are call “gerbs” among professionals in the pyrotechnic industry. These products are created by filling a sturdy tube with a tapered “choke” with various pyrotechnic compounds. As a result of the fuse being lit, the chemicals burn and the narrowed neck of the choke creates a build-up of pressure inside the tube which forces streams of sparks upward. Without the choke creating pressure, the spray of sparks would just lamely flow out fizzle to the ground.

Choose fountain fireworks that suit your personality, there are many different types that will fit your own celebration style. Available in single colors, multiple changing colors, glittering, whistles and other unique effects, fountain fireworks are always a winner with spectators. Manufacturers create the changing colors and effects within a fountain by layering the composition with different chemicals for each feature – as one layer is burned down, the next layer starts emitting its special effect.

Sporting events, rock concerts, weddings and other events where a backdrop of sparkles is preferred to an overhead display is where fountain fireworks are often used. Aerial fireworks don’t work as well in these circumstances, because if you want to keep your attention on the stage, people will be turning their heads upward and away from your desired focal point. For large events, firework fountains are sometimes used in tandem with aerial displays.  When purchasing fountains and gerbs for your show, please note that these items can be described by the specific burn time and height. For example, a 10x10 fountain burns for 10 seconds with sparks reaching up to 10 feet tall.

When lighting your fountain keep safety at the forefront by following the local laws regarding the use of these items in your particular area – the stipulations vary widely from place to place. Additionally, for your personal safety and the well-being of your audience, always follow the manufacturer’s directions for lighting the fountain and maintaining a proper distance. Even the most tame-looking items can cause bodily harm if they malfunction and are not being properly handled.