Florida Fireworks

Florida is a fabulous place to visit and live with mild temperatures year-round and a wide array of recreational activities. Watching Florida fireworks is one way to enjoy this state which is on everyone’s list of top places to rest and recreate in the United States. From New Year’s Eve to the Fourth of July and other special events in between, Florida is home to beautiful bursts of color, sound and sparks coming from the many large pyrotechnic shows held during the year. If you are an enthusiast of fireworks in Florida, read on to find out where you can watch great fireworks, buy fireworks, and learn about the Florida laws regarding fireworks.

Florida fireworks fans looking for an explosion of fun on the 4th of July will find many spectacular pyrotechnic shows scattered across the state --grab a blanket and pack a picnic basket and enjoy the lights under the stars. Some of the many amusement parks in Florida such as Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and others often end the day with a special display of Florida fireworks for guests. The Illuminations show at Epcot Center has a really neat display of Florida Fireworks. Fans of the Miami Marlins baseball and Miami Dolphins football teams are also sometimes treated to a special after game celebration of Florida fireworks.

If you are into Florida fireworks and want to have your own backyard show, you’ll need to be aware of the State laws regarding fireworks. Allowed Florida fireworks may not contain any explosive compounds, must not detonate or explode, must he hand held or ground-based, cannot propel through the air, can’t have more that 100 grams of pyrotechnic compound.  Examples of specifically permitted items include snakes, smoke devices, trick noisemakers, and certain other novelties. Specifically prohibited fireworks include “firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, roman candles, daygo bombs, and any fireworks containing explosive or flammable compounds.”

So if you want to blow up stuff on the 4th of July or just for fun, you’ll need to need to limit yourself to the items allowable by law. And, you’ll need to set them off your Florida fireworks on your own property, as it is illegal to use them on public property without a permit. A weird loophole to this private property requirement is that Florida fireworks may be used to scare off birds from a farm or fish hatchery!   Florida fireworks are sold only to those over the age of 18 years and often require the signing of a waiver, especially if you purchasing unapproved items.  However, Florida fireworks considered “safe & sane” do not require a waiver and can be used by those under 18 if supervised by a parent.

An alternative to visiting a roadside stand is to purchase your fireworks online from a trusted online source such as All Sparks Fireworks. You’ll find a large selection of firework items and accessories that will create a blast at birthdays, anniversaries, wedding and other special events. Benefits include a wide selection of products, competitive prices and convenient mailing right to your home. Have a great time with your Florida fireworks.


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