Flash Fireworks

Create a spark of excitement with flash fireworks that light up the sky over your next special event. From New Year’s Eve countdowns, Independence Day celebrations and other cultural events and festivities, fireworks are low-grade explosives that are popular for the crackle, sparkle and pop they provide.  The job of flash fireworks is to bring together any combination of light, smoke, noise, or floating effects into one show-stopping item.

Fireworks were created nearly a thousand years ago in ancient China where they were used in religious events to ward off evil spirits. During the Middle Ages, gun powder was added to these simple fireworks, turning them into flaming arrows that would travel across battlefields much further than cannons or long bows. By the time the Victorian ages rolled around, fireworks were much more sophisticated and colorful, used primarily a form of entertainment to razzle and dazzle aristocracy and the public masses who watched their fabulous fireworks shows.

Whether you are putting together a flash firework show or staging a professional event for a music concert, sporting event or cultural festival, you’ll be hard pressed to outdo the largest firework show recorded which featured more than 100,000 pyrotechnic elements set off in sequential order or a Chinese New Year celebration which popped off 22 hours straight of firecrackers. Not many of us have the funds for this level of blow out; but, you can find reasonably-priced flash fireworks that will make your audience “ooh and ahh” in amazement at your own home show.

Popular types of consumer flash fireworks include ground items such as spewing fountains and spinners, aerial items which explode overhead such as mortar shells and roman candles along with noisemakers, smoke items and other novelty items.  The way most of these flash fireworks operate is that you light a fuse with a punk and as the fuse burns it reaches the pyrotechnic compounds which are designed to burn away for different effects. It wasn’t until the 1800s that pyrotechnicians figured out to make flash fireworks in different colors. Today, metal chlorides are responsible for the beautiful blossoms of colors that we see in the sky from flash fireworks – strontium for red, barium for green, copper for blue and sodium for yellow.

Whatever type of flash fireworks you choose for your celebration, please keep safety at the top of your mind. Reputable manufacturers and resellers will include instructions on how to proper store, light and dispose of your flash fireworks. Also, please follow the local laws regarding flash fireworks in your area; these ordinances are design to protect public safety.