Firworks are a popular way to add a pop, bang and crackle of color to your next special event. More popular today than ever, firworks were first invented more than 1000 years ago in China. Throughout history, firworks and firecrackers have been used for many varied purposes, from scaring away evil spirits to celebrating important and joyous events.  Make your Fourth of July jubilant, have New Year’s Eve rock or just kick back and relax with a beautiful display of sparks lighting up the night sky.

Firworks come in many types; consumers of every ilk will find a pyrotechnic item that puts a big smile on the face. Some of the most popular fireworks include sparklers, those nostalgic childhood treats that parents would let their kids swirl around on special summer nights. Sparklers are still around and available in many colors, lengths and crackling effects. Smoke bombs are also a fond fireworks memory that can be revisited. Just light up one of these little round balls and jump back to hear the pop and watch the colored smoke waft through the air.

There are plenty of other firworks that will put a big blast into your event. Firecrackers are one of the most iconic firworks of all time. Once just pieces of bamboo stuffed with explosive chemicals, today these fireworks are sold by the multi-millions and can be purchased in penny packs, bricks and even huge celebration rolls. The Chinese New Year is one of the most popular times to set off firecrackers. These little red crackers are often incorporated into the parades and festivities of this important lunar celebration in China. Not too long ago, one celebration featured a continuous poppity-pop-pop of firecrackers that lasted over 22 hours – a record!

Aerial firworks may be some of the biggest, most spectacular pyrotechnic items around. Often the meat and potatoes of a professional fireworks show, these artillery shells are launched hundreds of feet into the sky where they burst open with a display of colored sparkles and other various effects. For a grand finale, pyrotechnicians will fuse together many of these firworks to create an artistic masterpiece in the night sky. Other aerial firworks include Roman candles, bottle rockets, parachutes, sky rockets, missiles and more.

Another category of firwork worth mentioning is the fountain. The fountain is a pyrotechnic product that sits on the ground and spews up streams of sparks that are forced out by a build up of gases through the tapered neck. Fountains are often called “gerbs” in the industry and can fire off a long stream of sparks lasting for minutes.  These firworks items are often used on the stage as a theatrical effect in rock concerts, wrestling events, plays and other events where the producers want all eyes facing forward, not up in the sky.

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