Fireworks in Philadelphia

Fireworks in Philadelphia

Hold onto your beef hoagie, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has a whole lot of history behind it and the pyrotechnic power to celebrate in grand style. It’s no coincidence that major American artifacts are on display in this Northeastern town, from the Liberty Bell to Ben Franklin Square, these are all iconic images of our founding fathers. As the birthplace of our fine nation, this city really knows how to celebrate the past and the future and often incorporates pyrotechnic elements into the festivities. Whether you are a tourist to the town or a seasoned resident, you are sure to find a firework event that delights your eyes and ears.

One of the biggest firework celebrations in the city is the annual Wawa Welcome America! Celebrate our nation’s birthday in sparkling style at this 11-day event that starts at the end of June and lasts through July 4th. Filled with day (and night) patriotic events including a flag-waving parade, free waterfront concert and firework spectacular on the Ben Franklin parkway, the Welcome America festival is sure to become your new favorite summer shindig. The after-concert fireworks run on three different days of the festival and are shoot off in two different venues, twice at The Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing and the biggest on July 4th in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Past attendees always have plenty of tips about attending these shows; take the shuttle to avoid parking hassles, arrive early, bring lawn chairs and a picnic dinner.

Philadelphians love their sports and are willing and ready to celebrate at the crack of a bat or touchdown throw. Nothing says summer better in Philly than tickets to a Pittsburg Pirates game, a cold beer and spectacular fireworks bursting over PNC Park during special promotions. Over at Heinz Stadium, the Pittsburg Steelers celebrate many of their wins and championships will the dazzling pyro power created by the artistry of Zambelli fireworks.

Celebrating New Year's Eve in Philadelphia is a literal blast and includes several fireworks displays to choose from. The city of Philadelphia features two shows that are free for the public, first a family event and later at midnight a second display of pyrotechnics. These two shows happen near the Delaware River Waterfront, arrive early to get the best view. Other good spots for watching include outside at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia or Wiggins Waterfront Park in Camden. Music choreographed for the fireworks plays at both locations or can be picked up on local radio. For a unique perspective on the New Year’s Eve fireworks, take a dinner cruise on one of the fancy boats, such as the Spirit of Philadelphia, and watch the bursts from a view on the ocean.

When heading out to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania it’s always a good idea to check in with your hotel concierge or the Philadelphia – Independence Visitor’s Center for firework viewing activities. Always on the pulse of what is happening all over the city, including firework shows, you’ll find quick and accurate information from this go-to resource for entertainment. Pennsylvania, especially Philadelphia and the greater metro area, are awesome places to watch fireworks sparkle up the night sky over the city background. The fireworks here are so special; you’ll remember the stunning displays of sparks in the sky for many years to come.