Fireworks in Minneapolis

Fireworks in Minneapolis

Watch fireworks light up the night and sparkle over the water in Minneapolis! Minneapolis, Minnesota lies on both banks of the Mississippi River and is abundant in other natural water resources. That’s why founder’s named the town Minneapolis because it literally is the combination of the Dakota word for water with the Greek word for water. With pyrotechnic displays for nearly every holiday and season and other special events, there is literally something for everyone in Minneapolis and nearby St. Paul, the Twin Cities. 

Celebrate America’s birthday at the Minneapolis ‘Red, White and Boom’ party, a two day event that includes a fun run, half marathon, live entertainment, outdoor movies, family attraction and the much-anticipated fireworks. Another firework event takes place at Powderhorn Park and features live music, children’s activities and a big blast of fireworks. Over in nearby St. Paul, fireworks used to be held after the long-running but now defunct ‘A Taste of Minnesota.’ Although the event is canceled, the firework portion of the festival is being held on Harriet Island. Many other cities and communities across the greater Twin Cities area hold 4th of July celebrations, check out the shows in Afton to Apple Valley and Whitebear Lake to Woodbury.

Another fun summer firework event happens at the Minneapolis Aquatennial Festival, an annual party that celebrates the town and the best days of summer. Enjoy great music, great food, great water games and great times that are capped off by beautiful fireworks with Philly water as the backdrop. Still need more summer venues? The area’s only true amusement park, ValleyFair, offers guests a firework show for the 4th of July and at other selected events throughout the year. Free with the price of a ticket, but there are also good viewing locations outside the park. Also, the Minneapolis State Fair, which lasts 12 days leading up to Labor Day, features fireworks every night allowing guests a great way to kick back and enjoy the great outdoor weather and sights.

Sports fans can cheer on their favorite teams and then celebrate victory with a post-game firework show. There is a huge love of professional sports and fireworks in the Twin Cities, the Minnesota Vikings hit the football field at the fans go wild – especially when pre-game or post-game fireworks electrify overhead at the Metrodome stadium. Baseball aficionados can get their fill of peanuts, cracker jacks and the all-American sport over at Target field where Minnesota Twins post-game fireworks delight the crowds as does the blow-out Fourth of July extravaganza.

For New Year’s Eve, hang out with thousands of your closest friends and catch one of the firework shows downtown. Or, head up to the nearby ski resorts and take in some alpine entertainment which includes skiing, snowboarding and toobing by day and hot chocolate drinking, a torch light parade and firework show by night on or around December 31st. Typically the resorts closest to Minneapolis such as Granite Peak in Wausau, Big Powederhorn and Ski Brule have some sort of New Year’s Eve festivities that include fireworks. 

Whether you live in Minneapolis, Minnesota or are a tourist, it’s always a fine idea to check in with a hotel concierge or the Minneapolis – St. Paul Visitor’s Center for firework viewing events. Always on the pulse of what is happening all over the city, including firework shows, you’ll find quick and accurate information from this go-to resource for entertainment. Pennsylvania, especially the greater Minneapolis metro area, is an exciting spot to watch fireworks illuminate the darkened skies and city backdrop. The fireworks here are so breathtaking; you’ll remember the artistry of the sparks in the sky for many years to come.