Fireworks in Miami

Fireworks in Miami

Miami, Florida has a beautiful place to visit, not only is the climate mild but the scene is happening in South Beach, the beaches are welcoming and there are plenty of attractions for people of all ages. The city’s scenery is lush and gorgeous with amazing sunsets and views of the ocean. Just imagine how amazing it is to see a firework show amongst all this spectacular Florida landscape. Thanks to beautiful weather all year round, it’s easy to find firework shows for nearly every season, holiday and special event.

Sports are hot, hot, hot in Miami and football is always a top spectator event. The NFL’s Miami Dolphins make waves in Sun Life Stadium as does the occasional firework show that lights up the night pre- and post-game. The NBL’s Florida Marlins celebrate the opening day of baseball with a homerun firework show, the soon-to-be opened new stadium in the Little Havana section of Miami will feature a massive retractable roof, perfect for blasting off aerial shot fireworks! There are many other sports teams in the area including the Miami Heat, the NBA professional basketball team. Also check out the schedules of some college teams, to see if there are any fireworks planned for the future. Also, over at the Homestead Miami Speedway, fans of race car driving can cheer on their favorite driver to the finish line and then enjoy fireworks after certain championship races and for certain holidays like the 4th of July.

During the holidays, you might just find fun and fireworks at Santa’s Enchanted Forest, the world’s largest Christmas theme park and carnival over 100 rides, shows, games and attractions. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come every year to experience the magic of South Florida’s tallest Christmas tree, millions of dazzling lights, hundreds of themed displays, festive Christmas music, delicious foods from around the world, live show entertainment and family friendly carnival rides --- often fireworks are planned as part of the fun.

After the Christmas rush, take some time to unwind and enjoy the ambiance of Miami. The Bayfront Park Amphitheater offers a free to the public event with live performances by various bands along with a countdown at midnight for the drop of the Big Orange ball (similar to Times Square) from the Intercontinental Hotel, followed by a spectacle of fireworks. Most of the hip and happening clubs and bars in South Beach cater to the New Year’s Eve experience and offer live entertainment, dancing, food and either their own firework shows or a choice viewing locations from rooftop lounges to see the fireworks exploding over the ocean. It also just so happens that the Orange Bowl goes on around January 1st, that’s why the streets and beach near Oceanside Drive are shut down for a 3-day party that includes fireworks. Also, the city of Miami Beach hosts a free party and firework display on the beach at midnight. If you’re feel like taking in the planned pyrotechnic shows from a different perspective, consider booking a dinner cruise!

When heading out to Miami, it’s always a smart idea to check in with your hotel concierge or the Miami Visitor’s Center beforehand for firework watching opportunities that are on the calendar. Always on the pulse of what is happening all over the city, including firework shows, you’ll find quick and accurate information from these arts and entertainment resources. Florida, especially Miami and the surrounding areas, are spectacular places to watch fireworks deck out the night sky. The fireworks here are amazingly beautiful; you will want to take lots of pictures to keep the memories forever.

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