Fireworks Video

Watching a fireworks video is a great way to get useful ideas for your own pyrotechnic show. Whether you are an experienced firework enthusiast or new to the hobby, there are many new tricks, techniques and safety precautions that can be learned from watching video on how to handle fireworks. How-to instructions on using fireworks, sparklers, fountains, novelties and aerial fireworks make the process easier, safer and more fun! Also you can even take fireworks video of big celebrations at the Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve celebrations in your town and play them back for entertainment and inspiration.

Instructional fireworks videos are often uploaded online by other enthusiasts of the past-time. Common topics include safety tips, how to run fuse, how to build sets, visuals of the various types of fireworks and more. It’s great to get educated from other folks’ experience by watching fireworks videos and skip ahead on the learning curve! Also, because you can stop, rewind and replay, you can also watch over and over again until you get it right.

If you are planning to take fireworks video rather than watch it, there are some handy tips to follow. First, take along a camcorder that works best in low-light environments such as one with a bigger sensor, a larger aperture lens, and less low-light noise when the video is played back. Also, because you will be sitting back in the audience some way from the action, you’ll want to have a wide-angle lens and at least 20x zoom so that you’ll be able to get a close shot for your fireworks video.

Plan on having enough battery power to last through the typical length of a fireworks show – anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. Also, a tripod for your camcorder will add to the over quality of your fireworks video. For a great playback to an audience, you can edit your fireworks video by speeding the frames up a bit and syncing to fitting music. You can also use all these same fireworks video tips and tricks for filming your own pyrotechnics show.  While you might not win an Oscar for the best documentary, you will have captured some great home footage from your Fourth of July, New Year’s Ever or other special celebration to hold onto as a keepsake forever.

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