Fireworks Supplies

Planning and executing a successful pyrotechnic show requires the all the right fireworks supplies. You don’t want your celebration to turn into a sad, sorry occasion because you haven’t properly prepared with the right fireworks supplies and gear. However, with a few straightforward accessories supporting your arsenal of fireworks, you’ll be Johnny prepared and ready to kick off your pyrotechnic party. All fireworks supplies and accessories you might possibly need, from beginning to end, are ready and waiting for your convenience and can be found at most trusted fireworks online stores.

Punks are one of the most useful of the fireworks supplies you can have on hand. Used for lighting fireworks, a punk is a smoldering stick made from a bamboo or wooden reed covered in a coating of compressed sawdust. Punks offer a higher level of safety over a match or lighter because they don’t use an open flame. Also, punks will keep the user more than an arm’s length away, making fuse lighting a safer activity. Some punks, called fire torches, can produce an impressive 5 minute flame to ignite fireworks – even in the wind. Punks are sold in sets of various quantities to suit the needs of your pyrotechnic show.

Tubes and mortar racks are also other useful fireworks supplies. If you are using artillery shells purchased or made separately, you’ll need some good tubes to propel them high up into the air. Some tubes are made from heavy cardboard while reusable ones are typically crafted from a hard plastic called High density Polyethylene. If you have many shells to shoot, mortar rack will allow you to safely and conveniently line up all your aerial shots that are planned for the show.

For the safety conscious, remote firing systems great accessories that allow the user to wirelessly program multi-effect firing with specified sequencing in between each shot. All you have to do is stand at a safe distance away and press the wireless “fire” button. Other safety accessories to consider are safety goggles and leather gloves to prevent injury.

All types of fireworks including artillery shells, fountains, repeaters, fire crackers, novelties and more work better and look better when you have the right fireworks supplies. Don’t blow up your chances of a great show by arriving to your event with the wrong fireworks supplies. The right gear makes your New Year’s Eve countdown, Fourth of July jubilee, fantasy wedding or rock concert a night where the audience remembers the fantastic pyrotechnic art in the sky.