Fireworks Stand

If you’ve ever been driving down the highway, outside of the city limits, you’ve probably noticed firework stands. These roadside vendors of pyrotechnic elements seem to pop-up with their clap-board stands right before the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve, the two most popular times to shoot of consumer fireworks. Offering a quick fix on fireworks, folks can stop by on an impulse to purchase everything allowed in that area, from smoke bombs, sparklers and novelties to aerial effects, Roman candles and firecrackers.

One thing to keep in mind about fireworks stands is that they are highly regulated by the State and can also be subject to ordinances at a local level. Most fireworks stands require the seller to purchase a permit from the state government, obtain the required amount of insurance, stock only specifically permitted items and follow other rules and regulations. These regulations could include age requirements, residency requirements and safety of operation – such as having to have a large area cleared of brush and debris around the fireworks stand. Some people that live in areas where fireworks are prohibited will actually drive across state lines to get their fireworks fix. Depending on the law, some stands may not be able to sell to non-residents, but most stands operate on the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

One problem with most fireworks stands is that they are not open year round.  Most are following regulations that limit the sale of fireworks around specific dates.  This is fine if you want your fireworks during these few days of operation, but really puts a damper on the fun if you are planning on shooting off your firecrackers and roman candles at other times of the year.  Also, because the stands are only open for short windows of time, they often run out of the good fireworks early and are only limited to stock on hand.

Another issue with firework stands is that some run scam-like sales promotions that offer unbelievable freebies. How does buy one, get 11 free sound? It sounds great until you realize that the first firework cost more than a dozen elsewhere. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is – although, you can sometimes negotiate good deals on your fireworks if you are buying by the case.  Also, savvy fireworks purchasers have found that good deals can be found on pre-packages assortments which offer a little something for everyone.

Instead of shopping at fireworks stands, purchasing from an online retailer such as All Sparks Fireworks is a great alternative. You’ll be on fire with excitement to see the wide range of pyrotechnic elements and supplies available to get your own fireworks show up in the air. You’ll have a real blast shopping year round and will find prices that beat the fly-by-night, road-side guys. Plus, purchases can be shipped right to your doorstep for the ultimate in convenience.