Fireworks Show

Fireworks Show

Recreational fans of fireworks are finding out that they aren’t limited to shooting off a few firecrackers and sparklers. With a reasonably small budget, you can create a really cool fireworks show that is filled with a range of pyrotechnic elements. Include everything from fountains and spinners to bottle rockets and other aerial effects and you will have choreographed a memorable night of lights in the sky. Fireworks shows are great entertainment for many celebrations including New Year’s Eve countdowns, Independence Day shindigs and other festivals and social events.

The job of a firework is to create a spectacular effect that includes one or more elements of light, smoke, noise, or floating effects. Fireworks haven’t always been the dazzling diversions that they are today. Back during their inception in 12th century China, fireworks were first just an accidental kitchen mistake where a cook inadvertently mixed together some chemicals and got a “pop.” Later with the invention of gunpowder, fireworks really started to take off and were employed as weapons in many combat situations. At one time, live rats were actually strapped onto bottle rocket type fireworks and sent hurling through the air at enemies. Whether this was to freak out the other side or spread disease, we don’t know – but it’s definitely not something you’d want to put in your fireworks show!

Firework shows are all over the place today, not just at the 4th of July or New Year’s Eve. Firework shows can be found at rock concerts, sporting events, outdoor theater productions, weddings, festivals and more. If you want to aim high, you can try to break the world record fireworks show – more than 66,000 pyrotechnic elements set off at one event in Portugal. But, if you don’t have the budget for this, there are still lots of great options for your fireworks show that will make it a big blow out.

Break up your backyard fireworks show into four areas – novelties, ground fireworks, aerial fireworks and the grand finale.  Get your guests warmed up with novelty fireworks such as sparklers and confetti poppers that are safe for all ages when supervised. Then, after this hands-on fun ends, you can bring out the bigger effects including fountains and spinners to be set off on the ground and mortar shells and bottle rockets to be launched into the sky. Wrap up your fireworks show with a grand finale that will make the audience gasp in awe and appreciation – a combination of your biggest and best ground and aerial items set off in rapid succession and even several at a time.

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