Fireworks Shells

Make a big statement of stunning sparkles in the sky when you shoot off fireworks shells. If little sparklers and smoke bombs have run their course in your bag of tricks, it’s time to incorporate some fireworks shells into your next display.  Fireworks shells allow you to enjoy the crackling color and glittering glory of these aerial style pyrotechnics. Both professional pyro artists and fireworks enthusiasts alike will find that adding some fireworks shells into their grand finale will create a big blast.

Fireworks shells are modeled after the air-bound weapons of centuries past. Various military units have used the projectile power of as ammunition that can be fired through the sky to attack the opposing line. Fireworks shells, like the weapons used in combat, both work my launching explosives up into the air. However, the point of fireworks shells is to create a great entertainment experience for your audience.

The general public can find fireworks shells to satisfy the needs of any home user. Add a spark of excitement to nearly every event, from a July 4th celebration to a New Year’s Eve countdown. These fireworks shells fit inside a mortar tube and when blasted out, explode with assorted effects such single, double and triple breaks in unique designs. If you don’t know which fireworks shells to choose, get an assortment pack for a little of everything. Your overhead entertainment will be spectacular thanks to a variety of colors, sounds and special effects.

Fireworks shells work thanks to a cardboard or plastic tube that is loaded with a pyrotechnic cartridge. This tube can be made of cardboard and thus disposable once used, or can be made of a durable plastic to be reloaded with additional cartridges. When the fuse is lit, the pyrotechnic compounds explode at just the right time in the air to make a beautiful overhead display. These types of shells are the kind of fireworks people imagine they’ll see when they go to watch a big fireworks show at a park, stadium or other outdoor venue. There is no doubt you’ll make a big, big impression when you fire off firework shells at your next special occasion.

When using any type of firework, always follow the laws about purchasing, setting off and storing pyrotechnic items in your specific city and state. The laws can vary greatly from place to place, so check out the rules in your location. Also, for personal safety, always follow the manufacturer’s directions for lighting your fireworks shells, details should be printed on the label.