Fireworks Seattle

Fireworks Seattle are a popular form of entertainment among residents and visitors of Pacific Coast city. From sitting on the lawn under the night sky and viewing a professional pyrotechnic display to creating your own backyard spectacle, firework aficionados are sure to light up at the chance to have a go at fireworks Seattle. Suggestions on where to buy fireworks, places to view fireworks and tips on what you can and can’t do regarding fireworks are all outlined below.

Seattle fireworks are going on all over the city; you’ll usually find Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve shows in both the big cities and little towns. A popular birthday party for the good ole USA is the Chase Family Fourth fireworks display which incorporates Lake Union and the skyline as an impressive backdrop. On New Year’s Eve, more than 50,000 people gather below the famous Space Needle skyscraper to watch more than 2,000 bursts of fireworks Seattle explode to a chorus of “oohs and ahhs.” Fireworks Seattle are also found at sporting events, winter holiday festivals and other celebrations in and around the neighborhoods of Seattle.

While these professional pyrotechnic shows are quite impressive, you can also light up the sky with your own blast of sparkles. The one requirement is that you follow the laws of Washington as well as any local regulations. For the most part, specifically prohibited items include “firecrackers, skyrockets, salutes, chasers, and bottle rockets.” In the unincorporated areas of King County (Seattle-area), fireworks may be discharged only on July 4th until midnight. Neighborhoods and sections within the city may have other days in and around the 4th of July that fireworks Seattle can be used – or they can be banned all together. For further information on allowable fireworks Seattle, please contact the State Fire Marshall – the rules often change annually.

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