Fireworks Pictures

Everyone says a picture is worth a thousand words and you better believe that images of fireworks blasting in the sky can tell an even more important story. Fireworks are shot off in celebration of many events – birthdays, weddings, coronations, religious ceremonies and cultural events. When you take fireworks pictures, you are not just capturing the beauty of bright colors bursting against a midnight sky, you are also describing without words, the who, what, why, when and where of your festive occasion.

In order to take fireworks pictures that are worth keeping, you’ll need to follow some good photography tips. Because most pyrotechnic elements are set off at night, taking fireworks pictures isn’t as simple as grabbing a point-and-click camera and snapping the perfect shot. You may get a blurry, far-away image of a firework bursting in air, but it may not be the type of high-quality photo that you want to slip into your photo album or share with friends over the Internet.

One of the first things to do when taking fireworks pictures is to have a tripod handy, even if it is one of those simple tripods that can bend around nearly everything. The objective of the tripod is to keep the camera steady when taking fireworks pictures. The longer shutter speed used in most photos of this type can also pick up the most subtle movement of the photographer including slightly shaky hands.

Another thing to consider when taking fireworks pictures is to give ample consideration to framing the shot.  Because you’ll not know exactly how high the firework will fly up, it is best to watch a few and anticipate where and when the action is going to happen. Also, try to take many more firework pictures than you think you need, this way you can have the pick of the lot. Your fireworks pictures can always be cropped and edited later if you have too much space around the shot.

Expert photographers report that a fast lens is not needed for taking fireworks photos because the bursts of light are very bright. It is recommended to use small to mid range aperture with a longer shutter speed. However, don’t keep the shutter open for too long – even though it is dark, the bright lights coming from multiple fireworks can overexpose your fireworks pictures.

If you follow these useful suggestions on how to improve your fireworks pictures, you’ll end up with many good photos from every event. So gather up your equipment and head to the next firework show and capture the beautiful bursts of color exploding in the sky for New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July, and many other exciting events.

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