Fireworks New Years Eve

Fireworks have long been a popular way to ring in the New Year all around the world. When the first fireworks were created in ancient China as a way to ward off evil spirits, the inventors probably could have ever imagined the spectacular pyrotechnics shows of the 21st century.  The celebratory noise, the colorful flashes of light and the camaraderie of being with friends and loved ones on December 31st, are all reason enough to watch fireworks New Years Eve or to produce a of your own show.

One of the most well-known fireworks New Years Eve shows happens in the harbor of Sydney, Australia with the iconic opera house in the foreground. While about 2 million watch this spectacular show in person, numerous millions (if not billions) more television viewers see the event because Australia’s time zone makes this country one of the first to usher in the New Year. So, while you may be eating lunch, the Australians are whooping it up with fireworks New Years Eve.

Berlin, Germany is host to one of the largest fireworks New Years Eve events in all of Europe. The focal point for this party is Brandenburg Gate and the midnight pyrotechnic show illuminates overhead.  In Taiwan, a fireworks New Years Eve display in the city of Taipei’s downtown shopping district features an unusual fireworks skyscraper that lights up with sparkles floor by floor and then spews out fireworks from the top.  In the United States, fireworks New Years Eve shows are held in cities across the country. Also, many amusement parks stage even more amazing than usual fireworks shows for guests to enjoy at the end of a family-friendly day. And, like in other nations, enthusiasts also like to purchase their own firecrackers, fountains, sparklers and such to put on their own shows in the backyard.

If you want to “go big,” choose artillery shells that are shot from the ground and explode into the sky in colorful chrysanthemums, peonies, willows, spiders and more.  Fuse together your fireworks on a mortar rack, light a single leader fuse and sit back to watch the action. Or, for more simple fun, firework novelties such as the all-time favorite sparklers, smoke bombs and confetti poppers will get guests of all ages in on the fireworks New Years Eve action. To ensure a safe New Year, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions on the back of the fireworks and follow your local ordinances.