Fireworks Montreal

A decidedly cosmopolitan urban area, Montréal, Quebec, Canada has many interesting cultural, historical and entertainment opportunities – and fireworks is just part of the whole package. From national holidays to counting down the New Year along with numerous other special events, you’ll find Montrealers enjoying the dizzying, dazzling entertainment of firework displays in the night sky – often with the city towers setting the backdrop. If you are a fan of fireworks Montreal, read on to find out where you can see great fireworks, buy fireworks, and learn about what you can and can’t do regarding fireworks in the city of Montréal.

Home to one of the world’s top pyrotechnic competitions, the Montreal Fireworks Festival, this city is the ultimate gathering spot for experts in the industry. This annual festival began in 1985 and has grown into a prestigious event that hosts pyrotechnicians and their teams who are the best of the best. Each year, approximately eight teams plan, assemble and execute a 30-minute fireworks display on-site. Another good spectacle of firework Montreal is at the Montreal International Jazz Festival each summer. In addition, firework Montreal can cap off many other night-time entertainment events such as high-profile car races, professional hockey and outdoor theater.

In general, Canada allows fireworks in only two categories: family or consumer fireworks and display fireworks. Firework Montreal and Canada are strictly regulated through the Explosives Act, which is administered by the Explosives Regulatory Division (ERD) of Natural Resources Canada. Each municipality within Canada will have its own rules for discharging fireworks. According to the Ville de Montreal, it is “Moreover, it is forbidden to use firecrackers, torpedoes, Roman candles, bottle rockets or other pyrotechnics, except for fireworks authorized by Borough Council.” However, it is not uncommon for laws about firework Montreal and other Canadian cities to be changed every so often, if not annually. So, it is advised to check with the local fire or police department for by-laws and regulations on discharging fireworks in a specific location.

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