Fireworks In NJ

Setting off a beautiful bounty of fireworks filled with sky-bound chrysanthemum and peony bursts is an amazing entertainment form, especially in New Jersey, a state with the nickname – the “Garden State.” What a perfect place to watch a gorgeous, glittering garden of fireworks blooming right in mid-air.  States like New Jersey are host to lots of sensational shows of fireworks on big holidays and special events. However, state law doesn’t even specifically permit the use of any consumer fireworks, not even a sparkler. If you are a fan of fireworks in NJ, read on to find out where to view, where to buy and what you can and can’t do.

It makes perfect sense that the Fourth of July is one of the biggest nights for fireworks in New Jersey – this state is one of the first thirteen colonies and played an important role in the American Revolution! Residents and visitors can find dazzling displays of pyrotechnics in nearly every part of the state from the bustling cities to the smaller towns.

Several cities in New Jersey features fireworks shows choreographed to symphony orchestra music. Anther popular event that can be watched on the riverbanks is the “Kaboom on the Navesink” which features 10,000 fireworks shot off from two barges. Of course, Atlantic City is always home to excitement and fireworks are no exception – check out the show at Borgata Hotel and Spa in Atlantic City. Also, throughout the year, many sporting events end with firework displays including after the New Jersey Cardinals baseball games. And, for New Year’s Eve, residents and visitors in nearly every town usher in the changing calendar with lots of festive fireworks in NJ.

If you want to set off your own pyrotechnic display or even just pop a few fireworks in NJ, it is important to know your state and local laws before you even get started. Every jurisdiction has a different interpretation of “consumer fireworks” and may specifically allow or prohibit certain types of firework items. Officially, there are no “specifically allowed” consumer fireworks in NJ. Those fireworks which are prohibited include “torpedoes, firecrackers, fireworks containing yellow or white phosphorus or mercury, sparklers, fireworks containing an ammonium salt, and a chlorate.”

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