Fireworks In MA

Fireworks in Massachusetts are ingrained in the long and illustrious history of this original colony of the United States.  Known as the cradle of liberty and once the hot bed for dissent against England, folks in this colony started off their independence with a big bang. Literally, fireworks were used as a way to celebrate the many important events that were creating the country into the “land of the free” as we know it today. During the Revolutionary War, one army general created a firework-type rocket that would fly up to 4 miles on the battlefield and was the inspiration for the verse “the rocket’s red glare” in America’s national anthem. If you are ready to watch fireworks in MA, read on to find out where the best professional shows are and what the laws are regarding fireworks in MA.

One of the top Fourth of July shows in the United States is the annual event held in Boston over the banks of the Charles River at the Hatch Shell. As far as fireworks in MA goes, this is a tried-and-true event started in 1973 and attended by more than 200,000 people today. Huge pyrotechnic elements are shot off to the delight of the crowd and the Boston Pops Orchestra plays patriotic music to add to the festive mood of these fireworks in MA.  On the eve of the New Year, Boston is host to the largest New Year’s Eve event in North America – First Night Boston. This cultural even focuses on various art exhibits and performances as well as a concert and fireworks display over the harbor.

While there are plenty of places to see professional pyrotechnic shows in MA, the home consumer is not allowed by law to shoot off fireworks of their own. Specifically prohibited fireworks items include firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, flares, Roman candles, bombs, sparklers, wheels, colored fire, fountains, mines, serpents and pretty much everything else. Even on private property, the use of fireworks in MA is not allowed unless special permitting and liscensing is obtained.

Sometimes, firework enthusiasts will drive across state lines to pick up the items they need for an event. Another option is to order fireworks in MA through a reputable online distributor such as All Sparks Fireworks. Here, the home consumer has access to a large supply of fireworks, everything from sparklers to large aerial effects. In addition to a wide array of fireworks, competitive pricing and the ability to have purchased shipped straight to your home are both benefits of buying online fireworks in MA.

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