Fireworks Fuse

What leads up to the big pyrotechnic show – a crowd, good weather, lots of fun fireworks? Yes, all of these things are vital to a successful display, but don’t leave a good supply of fireworks fuse off your shopping list – literally, fireworks fuse is what “leads” up to the big kabooms! Available in a variety of different formats, having a wide selection of firework fuse on hand ensures that you have the right fuse for the right fireworks. 

Essential to the art of pyrotechnics, fireworks fuse provides the obvious function but also helps add to the safety, quality, and complexity of their display planning. While some experienced at the craft make their fusing in the home workshop, it is quick, safe and relatively inexpensive to order the fuse of your choice online or in the firework shop – especially for the novice or occasional fireworks user. For the sake of simplicity, fireworks fuse comes in a variety of lengths, gauges and styles that are meant to burn at different speeds and provide other different benefits.

Black Match is a type of fireworks fuse that is a top pick with pros and home-users alike. Black Match fusing is made by soaking cotton string in a mixture of dextrin and black powder. With a “moderate” burn time with about a 1-second delay per inch, it is a good fuse choice when you want a small delay between fireworks. It is reasonably priced, but can accidentally be ignited if not careful.

Similar to Black Match but with a faster burn, Quick Match is basically Black Match fuse that is also wrapped in Kraft paper to help facilitate a speedy burn time. The way it works is that the paper covering creates a tube that pushes gases forward more quickly expediting the burn time. Good for simultaneous lighting of multiple firework items, Quick Match burns at approximately 80 to 100 feet per second.

Visco is another type of fireworks fuse -- sometimes it is also referred to as cannon fuse. This product is easy-to-find and offers many other benefits including availability in a variety of colors, length of burn time and waterproof features. Visco is made with a cotton thread center that is covered in black powder, wrapped with twine and then coated with an impervious, waterproof coating of lacquer. In order to ignite easily, you need to make sure a bit of the black powered core is exposed. If you are looking for the fastest-burning fuse in this category, the Yellow Visco will burn at a rate of 1/2 –inch per second, but is not waterproof due to the paper casing.

Another type of fuse that can be quite practical is the Glo-Fuz manufactured by TNT fireworks or any other glow-in-the-dark fusing. As the name implies, these fuse illuminates in the dark so that the pyrotechnician can easily see the fuse, were to ignite and were any problems might be if a fused multiple display fizzles out.

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