Fireworks From China

If you are lighting of fireworks in celebration of the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve or some other special occasion, there is a good chance that these fireworks came from China. Fireworks were created centuries ago in China and today this country is known as one of the largest manufacturer and exporters of pyrotechnic items in the world. So the next time you set off sparklers, firecrackers, rockets, cakes or artillery shells or other fire work products, you can thank the ingenuity of this ancient culture for their contributions to your big kaboom.

The annals of history report that the beginning of fireworks from China began approximately 2,000 years ago. Accounts say that fireworks were created inadvertently by a Chinese cook who mixed together charcoal, sulphur, and saltpeter and packed inside bamboo – when heated, the result was a big bang! From this point on, the pops and crackles from throwing bamboo into fire were used to scare off evil spirits and bad ghosts. With the invention of gunpowder, fireworks became common weapon in times of war as these flaming arrows could travel further than cannons or long bows. There are even some rumors that live rats have even been strapped onto rocket fireworks to be used as terrifying tools of combat.

Approximately 1000 years ago, a Chinese monk in the Hunan Province created firecrackers and to this day, this man named Li Tian is honored on April 18th during cultural celebrations. Firecrackers have long been popular fireworks from China. Used both to frighten bad spirits and to ‘get the party started” firecrackers are seen at all types of events. Firecrackers can come with varying levels of explosive materials. Some of the big boys are called Silver Salutes, Cherry Bombs M-80s; however in the United States only 50 milligrams of explosive powder are allowed by law.

One of the most well-known events where firecrackers and fireworks from China are used is in the Chinese New Year celebration. Taking place in either January or February of each year, this event features colorful parades and festivities including the exciting dragon dance where a troupe of dancers wear a dragon costume that smokes and pops with fireworks from China. Also impressive, in 2006, one celebration even included a 22-hour long continuous string of firecrackers.

Firecrackers from China are available at pretty much every reseller in the United States. You can buy your China-made fireworks from a road-side stand or standard store, often just during limited times of the year. However, when you purchase fireworks from China from an online site such as All Sparks Fireworks, you can enjoy year-round shopping, a huge selection of products and the convenience of having items shipped to your door.