Fireworks Fountains

Fireworks fountains light up any special event with the excitement of pyrotechnics. Imagine jets of colorful sparks lighting up the background of your special event. Whether you are planning a wedding, a concert or a sports event, fireworks fountains will rock the party out! With the magic of fireworks, you can add a literal blast of beauty to any important occasion.

The majority of fireworks fountains shoot off sparks anywhere between 5 seconds to a minute. However, if you are looking for a long-lasting show, a 500 gram fountain is the largest available on the computer market – the razzle dazzle lasts for a full minute and a half.  If this isn’t large enough, experienced fireworks enthusiasts can fuse together a bunch of fireworks fountains for a longer show.

Professionals in the pyrotechnic industry sometimes refer to fireworks fountains as gerbs. These items are made by filling a vessel with a tapered “choke” with different pyrotechnic chemicals. Once the fuse is ignited, the chemicals burn and create gases that are forced through the narrowed neck of the tube. As a result, streams of sparks are force upward. Without the choke creating pressure, the spray of sparks would just fizzle out to the ground and not spurt upward.

Fireworks fountains are available in individual colors, different changing colors, sparkling, noises and other unique effects, Pick one style, pick them all; whatever fireworks fountains are always a hit with any audience. Fireworks makers create the various colors and special effects within a fountain by packing the item with different layers of pyrotechnic chemicals for each feature – as one layer is burned down, the next layer starts emitting the desired look.

Many times, a background of sparkles is a better choice than an overhead display. For example, when you want all eyes front and center, such as on a stage, fireworks fountains are much better than aerial fireworks. For large events, firework fountains are sometimes used in conjunction with many other types of pyrotechnics for the full star-spangled salute.  When purchasing fountains and gerbs for the next fireworks display, it is helpful to know that they are described by the specific burn time and height. For example, an 8x8 fountain burns for 8 seconds with sparks reaching up to 8 feet tall.

When lighting your fireworks fountains, follow all local laws regarding the use of these items in your jurisdiction. The laws can vary widely from place to place, so make sure you know what your city and state allow. Additionally, for your personal safety and the well-being of your audience, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for lighting all items. Even the tamest looking fireworks can cause personal or property accidents if not properly handled.

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