Fireworks For Weddings

Fireworks for Weddings

Throughout the centuries, fireworks of all types have been incorporated into many important celebrations.  Independence Day, New Year’s Eve and other important holidays such as Memorial Day is often host to heavenly fireworks. But pyrotechnic elements are also becoming the trend for many other festivities – including weddings. Many brides and grooms are adding fireworks for weddings into their big day – tying the knot have become a big blast! Fireworks for weddings can range from elaborate displays shot off over luxurious country clubs to simple archways of light made with sparklers held high. 

If you are getting married in a venue that plans and hosts many weddings, they may be versed in attending to the details of fireworks for weddings. For example, many private clubs allow for fireworks shows or at least can obtain the special permits needed to add pyrotechnics to your big day. Plus, the wide open expanse of the golf course is perfect for hosting fireworks for weddings. If your marriage is in your own home or public space, you must get permission from your local jurisdiction to have a professional fireworks show. Laws vary widely from place to place, even neighborhood to neighborhood so it is best to check with your local fire marshal for the exact rules. No newlylweds want to get in trouble with the law before they even hit the honeymoon.

Some simple novelty fireworks for weddings, such as sparklers and poppers, are not even considered “fireworks” by officials (again, check to make sure what is legal in your area). Professional-grade fireworks for weddings that are handled by a pyrotechnic company can cost several thousand dollars – the sky is literally the limit! However, if your wedding budget doesn’t have room for bursts of chrysanthemum and trailing comets in the sky, you can still make a keepsake statement with an inexpensive yet elegant wedding fireworks display. For example, imagine how spectacular it would be at a destination beach wedding to walk down an “aisle” that is lined with sparklers in your wedding colors? Recruit the groom’s buddies to help plan and put on the show – this would be one of the best groomsmen duties ever!

Looking for wonder and whimsy at your wedding reception? Sky lanterns add an unusual visual element to your night-time nuptials. These fireworks for weddings are shot up into the sky and transform into illuminated paper lanterns that ethereally float back down to Earth. Give tradition a twist by adding confetti poppers to your wedding; instead of the usual rice toss, guests can shower you with these fireworks for weddings.