Fireworks Displays

There are so many wonderful places to watch fireworks displays in the good ole United States of America. Whether you are viewing fireworks explode over the Statue of Liberty or watching them speckle the sky down at your local amusement park, the tradition of setting off pyrotechnic effects for special social, cultural and religious events started more than 700 years ago in ancient China. While you might not have the big bucks to put on a million dollar spectacle like Disney, you can still plan and execute fabulous fireworks displays that will leave the audience gasping in awe and admiration.

Mixing a variety of pyrotechnic elements into your fireworks displays is the essential ingredient for success. Hit the ground running with fireworks meant to be lighted on flat terrain such as fountains, spinners and wheels. Or, fly high with aerial fireworks such as artillery shells, roman candles and cake repeaters that all ascend skyward for a heavenly effect. Plus, don’t forget sparklers, smoke balls, firecrackers and all types of novelties to give your friends and family an active part in the fun. Using these assortments in your fireworks displays allows the audience to enjoy the show from different perspectives – everyone appreciates the sparkles, streams, stars, smoke, sounds and other sensation of fireworks in their own way.

When prepping your fireworks displays, you’ll need to organize your pyrotechnic elements in a quick and efficient manner for maximum blast off. Igniting your fireworks individually creates lag time with which may cause the attention of your spectators to wane.  You can solve this problem, however, by integrated a range of racks, launchers and stands in your fireworks displays. For example, a 12-shot Roman candle rack will let you ignite a dozen of these popular aerial fireworks in stress-free rapid succession – just light and sit back to wait for the clapping. Experienced pyrotechnic enthusiasts might even fuse together all the various racks and stands as well as hook up an electrical, remote-controlled lighting system for their impressive fireworks displays.

It will be difficult to break the world-record firework show, an extravaganza of more than 66,000 pyrotechnic elements set off in Portugal in 2006.  However, at All Sparks Fireworks, you can make a great start on getting geared up for such a feat.  In addition to all the fireworks you can possibly imagine, our pyrotechnic accessories will keep you prepared for every last detail of your planned fireworks displays.