Fireworks Display

Whether you are watching fireworks explode over the Hudson River or Disney World, there’s one thing you know for sure – these fireworks display have got to be really, really pricey. While cities and companies do spend massive amounts of money on creating the perfect fireworks display, the general public can use mass-marketed pyrotechnics to put on a great show that will have the audience gasping in awe. With a little planning and the right purchases, your fireworks displays will have bombs bursting in air with the rockets red glare  -- all without breaking your piggy bank.

Using a wide range of pyrotechnic elements into your fireworks display is the key to making a big impression. You’ll be off to a great beginning with ground fireworks that include fountains, spinners and wheels to aerial fireworks such as artillery shells, roman candles and cake repeaters. Plus, sparklers, smoke bombs, firecrackers and all types of firework novelties will give guests a hands-on role in the fun. Incorporating these varied aspects into your fireworks display gives the audience different angles in which appreciate the sparks, streams, stars, smoke, sounds and other sensation of fireworks.

When producing your fireworks display, you’ll need to find a method organize and ignite your pyrotechnic elements in a quick and efficient manner. Shooting your items off one at a time with large time gaps spent fumbling with the punk, fuse and set-up is not only frustrating for the guy in charge but may also lose the attention of an audience. Instead, try to incorporate a variety of racks, launchers and stands in your fireworks displays. For example, a 12-shot Roman candle rack will let you ignite a dozen of these popular aerial fireworks in quick succession. And, your various racks and stands can be fused together for an even bigger bang!  If you are an experienced pyrotechnic enthusiast, you may like the benefits of an electrical lighting system to achieve more control over the igniting process and keep a safe distance away from the explosive devices.

Unless you have very deep pockets, you’ll never one-up the biggest firework show ever. In 2006, a man in Portugal set off more than 66,300 pyrotechnic elements during one event. But, at All Spark Fireworks you can find a treasure trove of fireworks to get you started with breaking your own personal record,  In addition to all the pyrotechnics you’ll need to light up the sky, you can also find other gear and gadgets needed for your fireworks display such as fuse, racks, punks, lighting systems and other essential accessories.