Fireworks Chicago

Just because it’s windy in Chicago doesn’t blow out the town’s love for amazing firework shows. From New Year’s Eve to the Fourth of July and other celebrations in between, residents and visitors to this sophisticated city will enjoy the dazzling bursts of color, sound and sparks coming from the many world class pyrotechnic displays. However, for the general consumer, only certain types of fireworks are allowed by law in the state of Illinois. If you are a fan of fireworks Chicago, read on to discover where you can see great fireworks, buy fireworks, and learn about what you can and can’t do regarding fireworks.

Merry-makers in Chicago who are searching for a real blast on the Fourth of July should head down the Navy Pier to view the spectacular pyrotechnic show in honor of Independence Day. This popular gathering spot is also host to other summer-time fireworks shows, New Year’s Eve displays and even “Friday Frights” fireworks for Halloween. Every Saturday in February, check out “Toast on the Magnificent Mile” in celebration of sparks of love and luxury champagnes. And, no Cubs baseball game would be complete without out a few home-town blasts after the final inning!

If you want to celebrate with our own fireworks display or even blast a few firecrackers in Chicago, you’re limited by the state laws of Illinois and the local regulations. Fireworks Chicago are fairly regulated and available for limited use only. For example, specifically approved items include novelties and a small number of approved consumer fireworks while handheld fireworks, firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, Roman candles and buzz bombs are all specifically prohibited by law. For further clarification about what fireworks Chicago are permitted, please contact your local government.

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