Fireworks Catalog

Many firework manufacturers maintain a fireworks catalog online. Here you can peruse the various pyrotechnic offerings at your leisure and then fill up your shopping cart with a payload of interesting items to make your next party explode. Most firework catalogs will include at least one picture of the product and sometimes even several photos that include shots of the firework package from different angles and maybe even an action shot. Some firework catalogs have a video link for their top selling products which allows the customer to watch a brief online video that shows what the firework actually looks like in the air.

Most fireworks catalogs can be broken down into several categories popular with consumers in the market.  Ground items such as fountains, spinners and wheels are fireworks that can be set on a level surface to spew out streams of sparks upward or around and around. Aerial fireworks include items to launch upward such as mortar shells, missiles, roman candles and bottle rockets. Aerial fireworks are always top picks with firework enthusiasts for many reasons including the huge range of effects that include colorful chrysanthemum bursts, glittering peonies, swirling whirlwinds and more.

A firework catalog also includes the ever-popular category of novelties and noisemakers. These types of entry-level fireworks are family-friendly crowd-pleasers which include sparklers, snap-pops, smoke bombs, confetti poppers and more. If you’re hosting a large fireworks display, these fun little items provide the crowd an opportunity to have some hands-on fun.  Buy a brick of firecrackers or a huge celebration roll of thousands of firecrackers if you want to create lots of noise – it’s a big blast! Other noise-making items in a fireworks catalog can hum, crackle, whistle, screech, buzz and more.

When shooting off your fireworks, always put the safety first. By following the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines outlined in a fireworks catalog, you can minimize the chances of mishandling, misuse and mistakes. To be extra conscientious, keep a bucket of water nearby to dunk used sparklers, firecrackers and other used but still hot fireworks. Purchasing from a fireworks catalog isn’t the end all, be all of the pyrotechnics pastime. You also need to educate yourself on the laws and ordinances regarding fireworks in your particular jurisdiction – laws can vary significantly from state to state, city to city, and even neighborhood to neighborhood.