Fireworks Assortments

When you can’t make up your mind, the fireworks assortment is the way to go. So much better than any other “assortments” on the consumer market, you can never go wrong with a plethora of pyrotechnics --- however, in a chocolate assortment, there’s always the few lone candies that get discarded in the box after the “thumb test” reveals a yucky flavor.  It sounds so cliché, but fireworks assortments literally have a little something for everyone. And, when everyone is happy, your Fourth of July jubilee, New Year’s Eve countdown or wedding reception will be a much bigger success.

Firework assortments cater to every member of the family, so let’s begin with the kids! The youngsters will feel part of the action with firework assortments that include entry-level fireworks such as sparklers, snap-pops, and other novelty items designed to appeal to kiddos. Keep in mind that when children are using fireworks of any kind, no matter how tame they might seem, need adult supervision at all times. Teens and ‘tweens will have a blast with firework assortments that include the always-popular firecrackers, Roman candles, rockets, smoke bombs and other totally awesome pyrotechnic stuff. These smaller-scale fireworks are still mighty powerful and are bound to impress the guys and girls who are itching to become indoctrinated into the firework world but aren’t ready for the hardcore fireworks yet! 

For the adults, there are more action-packed firework assortments that will make even the most seasoned firework fan show a renewed interest in blowing stuff up! From flashy crowd pleasers like fountains and multi-shot cakes that will made an audience “oooh and aaah” to artillery shells that burst open high in the sky with fiery blossoms, you are sure to find firework assortments that have been kicked up a notch or two. Amp use the pyrotechnic power of your fireworks assortment and watch the fun increase exponentially.

Please follow the manufacturer’s direction for lighting your fireworks assortment – this information is usually printed on the label. Even some of the most innocuous-looking items in the fireworks assortment can be dangerous, so don’t let your guard down. Keep out of trouble by following the local laws regarding the purchase, use and storage of fireworks in your particular area – the ordinances vary widely from place to place, so educate yourself.

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